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May 5, 2018

Sometimes, people make me really Tired. Like all the people who are raving about this book (and to be fair, it's a well-researched, decently-written story) but NOT ONE SINGLE ONE of them pointed out that, once again, it's a story of people of colour (specifically, Blac...

April 15, 2018

I reviewed this remarkable true crime memoir for Online Book Club. You can read my full review here!

March 16, 2018

 I love me a good political thriller, and this one's an absolute CRACKER. I reviewed this book for Online Book Club, so you'll have to read my full review over there, but suffice it to say, this one's well worth your time.


January 10, 2018

Srepska is a cyber-crime thriller predicated on a frightening possibility; what if a team of well-resourced, competent hackers managed to gain control of the systems governing everyday financial transactions? The story begins with the ‘Srepska’ group’s first large-scal...

December 4, 2017

I reviewed this scifi/fantasy YA novel for OnlineBookClub. You can read my full review at their site here.

November 29, 2017

My mother is a big fan of the true crime genre, and I've always read everything I could get my hands on, so I've read plenty of books about serial killers both real and fictional. Serial K by Brian Gallagher is an intriguing addition to the genre; a fictional tale of a...

October 14, 2017

I reviewed this one for Online Book Club, which unfortunately means that I can't be quite as rude about it as I might have been otherwise. Just know that it was absolutely, utterly appalling. You can read my full review here.

The only good thing about this book is that...

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