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October 25, 2018

I was very much in two minds about how to review this book. On one hand, the premise - a cowboy stunt rider and a nurse on the set of an Old West TV series - was really unique, and some of the research was superbly done and obviously written from experience, like all t...

May 2, 2018

There's just so much going on here I'm not sure where to start. Justice, the heroine of the title, is one member of a team of women fighting to right wrongs against women everywhere. All of them were ‘recruited’ after being rescued from abuse as children and adopted by...

March 14, 2018

Poppy Kaminski is running away. When your fiancé dumps you for your twenty-one-year-old intern (five months pregnant) and she then tries to claim all your designs for herself, sometimes you can’t quite help a public meltdown. When it goes viral on Twitter and Instagram...

May 30, 2017

I'm still utterly bemused as to what on earth was going on in this novella. Upon finishing it, I actually went to the author's Amazon page to figure out where it fit in the series... to discover that it's not part of a series at all. It's a standalone. Which is really...

May 30, 2017

Shifting Darkness is the fourth book in the A Forest Of Darkness series, and it has a really intriguing premise - a shapeshifter hero who can't shift and is plagued by debilitating weakness. Vince is also Asian, ticking off another diversity box for the book.

Slight spo...

March 15, 2017

I’m going to start off with what was good about this book, and that was the editing and technical writing, and the hero; I liked Zaid a lot. A lot of Sheikhs in romance novels have a severe allergy to the words “I’m sorry” and an inability to accept that they might on...

September 19, 2016

I purchased this book from Amazon as part of an author exchange group - we each agreed to purchase the other's similarly-priced books in the erotica genre, and then review. I got this book and one other I'll review in a day or so, when I've gathered the mental fortitud...

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