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Caution: Stories not responsible for melted ice cream, warm drinks, or burnt fingertips.

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EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek from Pool Party For Two!

He smiled unexpectedly, and she almost gasped at the impact of it; a dimple flashing in his chin made him even more irresistibly gorgeous. “And please, feel free to keep swimming if you like. I was just thinking that a swim sounded pretty good to me, too.”

“No, uh.” Feeling awkward and uncomfortable, she snugged her towel tighter around her, very aware that under it she was only wearing her skimpy black bikini. “I’m done. You go in.”

Cameron’s mouth twitched up into a wicked smile. “Sure.” And he unhurriedly pulled his tie the rest of the way loose, carried on unbuttoning his shirt as she just stood there, transfixed.

Staring is a really bad idea, Marnie thought vaguely, unable to tear her eyes away as Cameron tossed the shirt and tie to the lounge chair and started unbuckling his belt, toeing out of his shoes.

Is he…?

Oh my God, he’s going to strip off and skinny-dip.

Face the color of an overripe tomato, she finally managed to make herself turn on her heel and walk sedately back into the house, hearing Cameron chuckle with amusement behind her.

I am not going to look. I am not going to look…

Very virtuously, she did not turn her head to look over her shoulder. That didn’t mean she couldn’t see, however, as she approached the glass doors she kept polished to a gleaming, reflective shine.

Holy shit, that’s worth a stare or two. No, Marnie, keep walking, she ordered herself sternly. The image she’d seen in the reflection stayed with her, though; Cameron naked and proud, stepping out of his dropped pants and heading for the pool.

A loud splash reached her ears just as she stepped into the house, but she firmly resisted the urge to turn around and look. Ogling your boss is not in your employment contract. Even if he did practically invite you to go skinny-dipping with him.

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