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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: How To Get Bloggers To Review Your Self-Published Book: An Insider's Guide

Getting your book reviewed by a popular book blogger is a dream for any author, but for indie authors it can seem like yet another insurmountable hurdle on the road to 'cracking the market'.

Let's face it, getting your book reviewed at all is an uphill struggle if you're an erotica writer. A lot of reviewers don't necessarily want all and sundry to know about their occasional kinky reading habits.

Self-promotion can suck up a lot of hours you really wish you could devote to writing. Getting someone else, who's already put in the hard yards to gather a book-loving following, to do that promotion for you? Well, that really is a dream come true - and that's exactly what book bloggers are. Many of them have loyal followings that number in the thousands.

However. Book bloggers can seem like the most exclusive club in town when you're trying to convince them to review your fabulous novel nobody's discovered yet. Wrong shoes, wrong hairstyle, clothes too frumpy... and often you don't even find out WHY you weren't accepted, when it comes to book bloggers. You just send off the query and that's it, you never hear back.

This book aims to take out all that heartache. From telling you where to find book bloggers and how to identify the ones who might review your book, to some superb advice on exactly how to write a query letter that might (no, there are no guarantees) get your book accepted for review, this book is full of excellent advice.

How do I know it's excellent advice? Well, after reading this, I sat down and sent out query emails, following the book's advice, to eleven book bloggers I identified as being possible candidates who might review my book.

So far (within 48 hours), I've heard back from six and every single one has accepted my book for review (including Knockin' Books themselves, who complimented me on my query letter!)

That's better than a 50% success rate already, and that is going to translate directly into sales, once those reviews go public. Assuming the book bloggers don't think my book sucks, anyway :P

The book I asked the bloggers to review is at 99 cents, which means I get about 34 cents back for every copy I sell. 10 copies sold equals the price of this book. Those six book bloggers who accepted me have followings in the thousands. Buying this book and following its advice might just be one of the best investments I ever made.

You can get How To Get Bloggers To Review Your Self-Published Book: An Insider's Guide here on Amazon Kindle now. And if you're a self-published author, you absolutely should.

If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I absolutely would.

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