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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: Indebted by Leah Pink

After the shitshow that was the last book I had to read for review - and another dreadful one I haven't managed to get up the mental fortitude to review yet - I needed something to cleanse the palate. Some GOOD erotica, by an author I've learned to trust to get it right.

So seeing that Leah Pink had released another in her Anonymous Adventures series about a sex scenario tester, I dived in with happy anticipation, and was not disappointed. Indebted is the scorching-hot fourth story in the series, but can absolutely be read as a stand-alone.

Let me say right at the outset that I love the whole premise of Anonymous Adventures. It's made very clear that all sexual scenarios have been thoroughly pre-negotiated, and this gives the author license to play around with some scenes that appear to be dubiously or outright or non-consensual - yet we, the readers, are well aware that our protagonists are only acting their parts. It's very clear that Kelsey, the MC in whose POV the story is narrated, is having an absolutely wonderful time throughout, that she could at any time 'tap out'.

Kelsey has to act the part of a reluctant woman 'paying back' a ruthless businessman and his associate with sex instead of money. The scenario is written so that she is 'forced' to have sex, but with the clear knowledge that consent has been negotiated, the reader can feel safe to ride along with Kelsey - and what a ride it is, forced to submit to first one deliciously dominant man, then another, and finally both of them together in a quite magnificent finale.

It's hot. It's very, VERY hot. Phew. I need a cold shower after this one, for sure. Leah Pink knows how to titillate her audience, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Anonymous Adventure she presents for our delectation next. Five stars of SCORCHING action!

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