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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: Claimed By The Mate, Vol. 3, by Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur

There are two books in this bundle, and there's also a major problem; neither of them is a menage romance.

Why is that a problem?

Take another look at that cover. I'll wait.


There's another problem: the blurb for Dangerous Passions is for a threesome story. It's not a threesome at all. It's two completely separate romances, both one man and one woman, happening concurrently. So if you're coming into this expecting a menage story, sorry. You're out of luck because someone at the publisher has clearly screwed the pooch.

That said, I really enjoyed Dangerous Passions. It's always a risk reading the last book in a series (or starting any place other than the middle) because you never know whether the author will have included enough backstory for things to make sense.

Kate Douglas has, and well enough that I actually went looking for the rest of the series. I'd have bought them, too, if I'd been able to do so individually instead of having to buy half a dozen bundles with authors I'm not interested in. If Ms. Douglas ever decides to release the Feral Passions series as a bundle by herself, I'd happily buy it.

I'd give her story five stars, but I've got to knock off a star because of that misleading cover and blurb.

Bound To The Wolf, I have to admit I struggled to get into. There was too much backstory missing, and the writing didn't grab me enough to care about going to look for the others.

My criteria for what makes a good series is that each book should stand on its own merits, but intrigue you enough about the other characters appearing that you should want to read the rest. I really didn't. Three stars.

However, I have to say that I love the fact that both authors are writing diverse female leads; black, Latina, big and small, they deserve recognition for their efforts to bring more diversity into paranormal romance. For that reason I'm going to round up my review average to four stars overall.

(But the publisher really needs to fix that misleading cover and blurb or you're gonna have VERY ANNOYED readers disappointed at the lack of menage in this book! Why not a black woman on the cover, either? Come on, representative cover art is important!)

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book for review through NetGalley.

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