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Book Review: Unstable by Charity Parkerson

Unstable is the first M/M romance I've had the opportunity to review for this blog, and I wanted to enjoy it more than I did. The problem is that this is the kind of book that isn't easy to read for me; my personal tastes run towards 'sweet' romance with a side of hot and steamy action. While the hot and steamy action is certainly present, there is nothing sweet about these two men. They both have terrible pasts - if you have triggers concerning child abuse or sexual abuse then you should run a mile. Do NOT pick up this book.

I loved Eli - poor bb! - and just wanted to cuddle him and make everything better for him. Jimmy was a harder sell, but knowing from the blurb "After a childhood so horrific a book was published about it, Jimmy understandably didn’t become the most well-adjusted adult" that he had a terrible past, it was a little easier to sympathize with him.

I felt like the book could have spent a lot more time with Jimmy and Eli in the early stages of their relationship; there was a rather surprising disconnect halfway through the book when pretty much in the middle of their first 'proper date', we get a chapter break and a sudden "Three months later" which really had me blinking and wondering what the hell happened.

The author's writing style is excellent, and she doesn't shy away from difficult topics, but I'd have liked to see the budding relationship fleshed out quite a bit more in the middle of the book. Even though the story was well outside my comfort zone, I did enjoy it and I'd read more books by this author.

Four stars.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book for review through ReadingAlley.

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