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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: Dandelions On The Road by Brooke Williams

Dandelions On The Road is a charming romantic comedy based around a Bachelor-style TV show, except that in this case it's the Bachelorette. Twelve men competing for the attention of one woman, except that they have a thirteenth rival none of them were aware of, because the show's host made the mistake of falling for Eva, the bachelorette, before the show even started filming. What ensues is a tragi-comic romp in which Brian, our male protagonist, has to deal with his own feelings of jealousy and try to act unselfishly in Eva's best interest. Brooke Williams does an amazing job with her characters; despite a necessarily large cast (with the twelve bachelors) she shows a great talent for setting up each character with just a few words. I was worried I'd be getting the bachelors mixed up but she gave every one of them such a distinct personality there was no danger of that at all.

The story is well-written and comes to a nicely satisfying conclusion at the ending, though I did feel very sorry for the last couple of 'bachelors' who were rejected. Especially considering the Latinx heroine, I'd have liked to see a little more racial diversity in the bachelors themselves - not a single black bachelor looks like racism on SOMEONE's part and it would have been interesting to see Eva maybe call the studio manager out on that - and there were a few word choice issues in the book which could be cleared up by a professional proofreader.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I'll be looking out for more of Brooke Williams' works. She's an excellent romantic comedy writer. Four stars for Dandelions On The Road; it's a lot of fun.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through Reader’s Favorite.

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