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Book Review: Sweetest Regret by Meredith Duran

If you love historical romance and you haven't read Meredith Duran yet, you're seriously missing out. This charming novella is a perfect little gem of a story; set in 1885, it tells the story of Georgie, daughter of a senior diplomat, and Lucas, a young man born from a scandalous marriage and determined to make something of himself in the diplomatic corps.

Georgie and Lucas first met two years before the happenings of Sweetest Regret, but heavy-handed interference from Georgie's father drove them apart then. Now, when Lucas may be the next heir to an earldom depending on the gender of an unborn child, machinations come into play again to push the young couple back together.

Meredith Duran is a mistress of her craft. Every paragraph is like a polished gem; sparkling with a host of facets, subtle meanings woven into her words like threads in a tapestry. I adore all of her work and this delightful story is no exception. Five stars.

Sweetest Regret is available now on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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