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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: To Tame A Scoundrel's Heart by Collette Cameron

This is an absolutely charming Regency novella. Nic's inner monologue was absolutely hilarious as he tries to navigate his way from being a privateer to being a duke; I loved the way that he realized early on that Katrina was the duchess he needed and they way he went all-out to make it happen.

Katrina was one of the best Regency heroines I've ever read. Daughter of a wealthy, self-made banker with half the Ton in his pocket, she is absolutely fearless, secure in the knowledge that her parents will have her back no matter what she chooses to do. It was quite an interesting change to read a Regency where the heroine has a supporting and loving family; a lot of the time the conflict in historicals is supplied by Family Issues. I enjoyed the change.

There were a few proofreading and editing issues in the book, which is why unfortunately I have to knock it down to four stars, but I did enjoy it very much and I'd happily read more of the author's work at any time.

To Tame A Scoundrel's Heart is available now on Amazon

(and it's only 99 cents!)

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through The Romance Reviews.

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