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Book Review: Ruled by Anne Marsh

The second of the new Harlequin Dare books I'm reviewing this month, Ruled by Anne Marsh is a Motorcycle Club (MC) romance.

Evie’s princess party business is booming. The only cloud on her horizon is her brother’s involvement in the Black Dogs motorcycle club - and Rev, the enforcer from rival club Hard Riders who keeps turning up to poke his nose into her life. It would be an awful lot more convenient for Evie if she didn’t find Rev sexy as sin, because she’s vowed she wants nothing more than to stay away from MCs forever.

The chemistry between Evie and Rev was both off the charts and very believable, with some superbly written sex scenes, but there were a few continuity errors in the book that really got to me - anyone can accidentally write putting on a condom twice in the same sex scene, but Rev stating that the club ‘saved him’ when he was seventeen, when we’ve already had a long explanation for the Hard Riders being strictly for former serving members of the military, threw me off quite badly. Additionally, I didn’t care for the way things finished up with Evie’s brother and I felt she compromised her principles a bit too readily considering by the end of the book, she still didn’t know if Rev even had a regular job and paycheck.

There were some exceptional parts about this story - the hot sex scenes and the fun of Evie’s party business being among them - but there were a few too many annoying parts as well. I can’t say any more than ‘it was okay’ and therefore I’m giving it three stars.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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