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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: Long Game by Catherine Evans

One of a new series about the professional sportswomen of the Women's Australian Rules football league (and yes - there really is a professional women's league, though the team names aren't the same as in this fictional version) Long Game is the story of Cress Kennedy, a country girl through and through, who moves to Sydney to follow her dream of being a professional footy player.

Fortunately, she has a ready-made mentor, best friend and place to live all in one. Quin was her big brother's best friend and her idol, a pro footy player himself. And also the guy she's had a crush on since, oh, for ever.

Cress was a fantastic heroine, tough and naive all at the same time, a country girl lost in the wonder of the big city but never losing sight of her roots. Quin had his own demons to fight, and I though he and Cress were absolutely wonderful together. Even if you know nothing about Aussie Rules football, you’ll enjoy this one; there are some fabulous female friendships in it too. It’s as Aussie as shrimps on a barbie, but there’s not too much slang to confuse our international friends. Come join the party, you’ll love it here Down Under.

I think my absolute favourite thing about this book is that the happily ever after wasn’t your conventional picket-fence type of ending. Instead, Cress and Quin find a solution that works for both of them, and choose to trust each other enough to make it work. It’s a beautiful way to showcase that all happily ever afters aren’t the same. Five stars for a fantastic sports romance!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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