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Book Review: Legal Seduction by Lisa Childs

Bette Monroe is the executive assistant to Simon Kramer, the hottest lawyer in New York... and she's quitting her well-paid job. With a mole in the firm leaking secrets, Simon has to find out if Bette is the one who has compromised them all. Since she won't tell him why she's leaving, he's going to have to make seducing her his personal mission.

Falling for her wasn't part of the plan...

OK, I'm going to say this up front. I'm not fond of the secretary/boss trope. There's a power dynamic at play there I don't care for. Lisa Childs sidestepped a lot of the issues by having Bette in the process of working out her notice, and also being the instigator of much of the sexual content (of which there is a lot, as there is in all these books from Harlequin's new DARE line) but I still had problems with Simon's thought processes and decisions.

I also have to say that Bette was a complete idiot. Why not just tell Simon she was leaving to pursue her dream career? Instead, she thinks "oh no, I'd better seduce him before he seduces me and finds out my Big Secret which is Really Embarrassing" (it wasn't really embarrassing at all). Honestly, I just wanted to shake her and tell her to JUST TELL HIM ALREADY.

But then, that would have pretty much obliterated the entire plot.

This is hot and sexy, and well written, but the heroine got on my last nerve and I didn't care for the power dynamics or the hero's entitled behaviour. I can't give it more than three stars.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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