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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: White Witch by Larry D. Thompson

Sometimes, people make me really Tired. Like all the people who are raving about this book (and to be fair, it's a well-researched, decently-written story) but NOT ONE SINGLE ONE of them pointed out that, once again, it's a story of people of colour (specifically, Black people) living in their own country (specifically, Jamaica), and the protagonist and Saviour of the narrative is...

... a white American male.

*sighs deeply*

I'm so very, very tired of this trope, most especially in action thrillers. This would have been a really good story if the hero was African-American, learning all about the history of slaves in Jamaica and reconnecting with his roots. As it was, it just made me cross.

I wrote a full review for Online Book Club, so you can read more here if you wish.

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