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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: Eight Secret Nights by Shoshana David

A Hanukkah romance is a rare creature indeed, and this is a delightfully steamy example from debut author Shoshana David. Though it’s quite a short novella, both the lead female character Mara and her love interest Evan are fully fleshed out, likeable people.

When someone starts leaving mysterious presents on Mara’s doorstep during Hanukkah, she’s stumped as to who it might be. Hoping desperately it’s not the creepy guy down the hall who tries to hit on her constantly, she’s sure it can’t be the hot new neighbor she’s been trying not to ogle ever since he moved in.

Of course, since this is a romance, it DOES turn out to be her hot neighbor, Evan, who’s just an absolute sweetheart. When he finally gets up the guts to come clean, Mara takes the initiative, and the eighth night of Hanukkah turns very steamy indeed. Mara likes to dominate and it seems Evan quite likes that, the second half of the story contains some scenes that’ll definitely steam up your reading glasses!

I’d love to read more of Mara and Evan together - Evan’s family’s Ugly Christmas Sweater competition sounds like a blast - and I’d be delighted to read more by this new author who writes with such an authentic New Yorker Jewish voice. Five stars for a fantastic short read.

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