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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: The Duke of Seduction by Darcy Burke

The Duke of Seduction is Book 10 of Darcy Burke’s Untouchables series, but don’t worry if you picked up this one first. You can read them in any order, even though previous characters do make occasional appearances. Each story stands perfectly well alone.

The Duke in this one is actually a Marquess to be precise, but he has an alter ego - one who pens poems dedicated to young ladies in a popular newspaper. The young ladies he praises are usually the unnoticed gems, sometimes actively wallflowers, and his notice propels them to sudden fame among the Ton. Thus far, three have made successful matches.

Now, he’s unexpectedly turned his sights on Lady Lavinia Gillingham, who couldn’t be more furious about it. More interested in geology than flirting, the last thing she wants is a bunch of useless dandies dancing attention on her. The only kind of husband she might be interested in is one who shares her scientific bent, or at the very least will permit her freedom to pursue her own interests.

Beck, Marquess of Northam, meant well. After accidentally offending Lavinia, he just wants to see her happy, but on realizing he’s actually complicated her life he has to try and help. The more time he spends with this intelligent young lady, however, the more he realizes he’s falling head over heels!

I adored Beck so much! A musician and a poet, he hides his sensitive side from everyone, but felt safe enough around Lavinia to let her see his hidden depths, and she can’t really help falling for the rake with the heart of an artist. I thought they made a lovely couple; his respect and admiration for her practically shone out of the book.

This is the third I’ve read in this series, after Duke of Ice and Duke of Lies, and it’s the third I’m going to give five stars to. Darcy Burke doesn’t seem to be able to write a bad book. If you love historical romance and you’re not already reading her, do yourself a favour and add her to your TBR shelf.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGallley.

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