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Blog Tour and Book Review: A Good Demon Is Hard To Find by Kate Moseman

A Good Demon Is Hard to Find

Sometimes, a date from hell is just what you need...

When Erin thoughtlessly lays a curse on Mark, her cheating ex-husband, she doesn’t expect a well-dressed Great Earl of Hell to show up in her kitchen to fulfill the curse (and make damn good coffee while he’s at it).

Andromalius specializes in wickedness and revenge. He’s ready, willing, and able to rain down hell on Erin’s ex—but when Mark announces a hasty new marriage, Erin needs more than just revenge.

She needs a date to the wedding.

Fans of Good Omens, Lucifer, and The Good Place will love this wickedly funny paranormal romantic comedy!

My Review:

This is a fun, light, paranormal romantic comedy. Erin is rightfully enraged at her ex-husband Mark, who not only cheated on her with her best friend, but now wants Erin to stop going to their church because he feels uncomfortable seeing her there. Honestly how he has the hide to show his face in the church when everyone there knows what he’s done is… yeah, well, let’s just say *I* wouldn’t have that much chutzpah.

The fun starts when Erin accidentally curses Mark and a nattily dressed Great Earl of Hell turns up to help out. Andromalius “Andy” just wants to make sure Erin gets suitable revenge; he’s frankly kinda bored since most humans just don’t know how to lay a good curse these days. But Erin’s basically a good person who doesn’t want anything too terrible to happen to Mark really, and then she finds out he’s getting married and needs a date to the wedding, and well, Andy’s right there...

This is a pretty quick read, and honestly it’s a lot of fun. I wouldn’t think too deeply about the plot because you’re going to start seeing any number of holes (does it REALLY not occur to Erin to ask what the price is for the deal before she shakes hands on it?) and there’s also quite a few things which are raised and then just dropped without being dealt with. Like Andy’s friend Phoenix pointing out that gender is just a habit for most immortals and asking how Andy will raise that with Erin, or Andy’s own thoughts about how things just aren’t going to work out because of that pesky immortal/mortal problem. These are real issues which would affect their relationship and they’re raised and then just… forgotten about.

I did enjoy this, but I wished it was about 25% longer to deal with all the plot points that were left floating. Four stars.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via Rachel’s Random Resources.

Author Bio –

Kate Moseman is a writer, photographer, and recipe developer who lives in Florida with her family and enjoys going to theme parks as frequently as possible.

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