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Book Review: Her Homecoming Wish by Jo McNally

Talk about a role reversal… in their high school days, Mackenzie Wallace was the goody two-shoes who never put a foot wrong, and ‘Danger Dan’ Adams was trouble with a capital T. Now Mackenzie is back in Gallant Lake after her perfect life came crashing down around her ears… and ‘Danger Dan’ is a deputy sheriff?

Both Dan and Mack are dragging around an awful lot of emotional baggage, and Dan has a daughter from a failed marriage to consider, but the sparks flying between the two of them are undeniable. Thing is that Mack’s tired of being the good girl; she wants to kick up her heels and live a little, and Dan’s very much the opposite. He’s seen what’s at the end of that road and it means nothing good. Somehow, they have to figure out a way to meet in the middle, as Mackenzie tries to settle into her new life at Gallant Lake, having taken over the liquor store from her retiring father.

This is part of a series about the residents of Gallant Lake and I have to admit I haven’t read any of the others, but I don’t think it mattered too much in figuring out who the various players were. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the series, you’ll probably be pleased by several cameo appearances throughout this story.

Mack and Dan are a lovely couple, and I particularly liked the way Mack never let Dan get away with anything, quite willing to call him on things when it would have been an easy way out to just let it slide and avoid the conflict. Instead the two of them step up and discuss their feelings, and it really made me buy into the two of them as a couple who could weather life’s inevitable storms together.

This is a well written and engaging story about two likeable characters who find that their differences mean they have more in common than they’d ever realised, and I’m happy to give it five stars.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley.

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