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Book Review: Murder Notes by Lisa Renee Jones

What in the name of heaven did I just read?

How on earth did a woman who previously dated the alleged head of a drug cartel get through the FBI screening program and become a profiler, was the first question I asked, but if you can accept that Lilah Love somehow managed to do that, maybe you can accept all the other wildly implausible things that happen here. Like an FBI profiler being the only agent sent to investigate possible ties between three, soon four, murders. Considering her father is the mayor and her brother the police chief in the East Hamptons where she’s investigating, the conflicts of interest should have made sure she was never sent in the first place.

Absolutely nothing here makes any sense from the beginning, and then in the cardinal sin for a mystery thriller, nothing gets tied off at the end, because the book just ends slap bang in the middle of the case on a massive cliffhanger.

I get why authors do cliffhangers, to try and tempt you to buy the next book in the series, but you have to solve the case introduced in this book FIRST, otherwise it’s only half the book. Lilah’s got lots of baggage and fascinating things going on; there’s no reason why she couldn’t have solved the case and THEN the cliffhanger happened, making the reader immediately want to buy book 2 to find out how she handles things and where it leads. This? Half a book? No. It annoyed me, and I think it would annoy most readers. I don’t want half a story, I want a WHOLE story. I don’t want to read a mystery where literally not one single question posed in the book gets answered. Not. ONE.

Is this a new trend of serialized fiction novels? If you buy book 2, will you get any answers? Or will you have to keep on buying to find out ANYTHING? Who knows. Not me, and you know what, I’m not interested in finding out. Lilah’s unlikeability and complete failure to care about any of the victims - we knew more about Lilah’s outfits than the woman who was murdered practically to get her attention - were going to earn this book harsh marks from me anyway, but the total lack of any closure mean this is only getting one star.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley. And incidentally, even though book 2 and 3 were available there as well, meaning I could read them for absolutely free, I’m so disgusted by what the author did with this one I’m not even considering it.

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