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Book Review: South Beach Love by Caridad Piñeiro

Two chefs are pitted against each other, each determined to make their niece’s quinceañera the best Miami’s South Beach has ever seen. Tony Sanchez left Little Havana in his rear window a long time ago, but he hasn’t found happiness as executive chef of his own restaurant in New York. Being back in Miami is making him think maybe his heart is somewhere else… and that might just be with Sara, younger sister of his childhood best friend, now a successful chef in her own right running her restaurant Munch with the help of an all-female crew, many of whom Sara has trained herself after finding them at a local women’s centre.

The two nieces, Angelica and Samantha, are rivals of sorts, and a local journalist hypes up a ‘competition’ between two top chefs which set Tony and Sara at odds with each other, despite their willingness to work together. Sara, as a female chef, is up against barriers Tony has no idea exists, and I loved the way she called him on it and made him step back and think.

The descriptions of the food were absolutely amazing; lots of authentic Cuban recipes with some gourmet twists. If you’re not hungry when you start reading, you soon will be! This is a Hallmark so the action doesn’t get any hotter than a few chaste kisses, but the romance doesn’t suffer for it; I absolutely bought into Tony and Sara as a couple. Five stars for a thoroughly enjoyable foodie romance with strong Cuban flair!

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley.

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