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Book Review: The Nightborn by Isabel Cooper

I loved the first book in the Stormbringer series, following Sentinel Dayna and the warrior general Amrys she accidentally released from an ancient time-freezing spell - which not coincidentally, had also held evil wizard Thyran in stasis for a century. Now Thyran’s on the loose with his army of horrifying magical constructs.

The Nightborn picks up during the climactic battle of the first book, with Sentinel Branwyn one of the tiny force doing their best to hold off Thyran’s horde. Following their (somehow) victory, Branwyn is one of several dispatched to try and recruit more aid. Sent to the port city of Heliodar, she’s left to cool her heels while the High Council try to decide whether they believe Thyran is back and a threat. Youngest member of the council, Zelen Verengir, befriends her, and they embark on a brief affair.

Something’s rotten in Heliodar, however, and a Sentinel (and the soulsword she carries) are inevitable magnets for trouble. Soon Zelen and Branwyn are fighting for not just their lives, but the entire city - against a threat from a direction they could never have anticipated.

I’m more and more intrigued by the world Isabel Cooper has created here. You could probably follow along reasonably well if you started here, but I think you’ll definitely appreciate the worldbuilding a lot more if you start with The Stormbringer. There were some new and VERY intriguing threads added to the lore here - there’s a Chosen One out there the Traitor God’s followers are looking for, who’s now about adult age if my sums are right - and I somehow don’t think the series is going to stop at three books. There’s a big world here to explore, and I for one am definitely along for the ride.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley.

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