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Book Review: Up In Smoke by Annabeth Albert

I don’t read all that much M/M but I am trying to diversify my reading, so when I saw this one had a cute premise, I picked up the offered ARC from the publisher, and I’m glad I did. For a very Harlequin-y premise - Surprise! You’re The Daddy! - this has a lot of deep and meaningful character exploration in it. It also has a LOT of sex scenes, and more explicit than you’ll find in a Harlequin romance as Shane and Brandt spend time exploring their relationship physically as well as emotionally.

Brandt is a smoke jumper and Shane is an aspiring country singer-songwriter, and though this series is primarily about the firefighters, in this book the author chose to dwell more on the mechanics of Shane’s career as there was enough drama involved with the two men trying to figure out not just how to take care of baby Jewel, but do what was best for her legally too. A big fire and Brandt’s life at significant risk would have been unnecessary and indeed distracted from the emotional core of the story.

Perhaps the only quibble I had here was that there was a bit too much sex for my tastes; after about the fourth scene I found myself skimming a bit, but I’m not going to mark down for that as I know it’s exactly what some readers will absolutely love! Five stars for a story full of heart.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley.

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