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Non-Fiction Friday Book Review: The Short Story Romance Handbook by Hope Ford

Full title: The Short Story Romance Handbook: How I Make Over $1,000 a Month Writing Short Story Romance (and it only took me 3 months) by Hope Ford.

This is a super short read - more a pamphlet than a book. Hope Ford writes short romance, in the 5,000 - 12,000 word range, and she releases around 1 story per week with a ‘bundle’ once a month or so. This rapid release strategy is known to help increase visibility in the Amazon ebook store, and there’s obviously a market for Ford’s short ‘alpha male’ romances. There’s not a lot of room for character development or more than the simplest of plots, but if you like to write that way, this could be a strategy which makes a nice little earner for you.

It’s hard to take advice on writing from someone who self-edits and leaves in grammatical howlers like “I have went from making…” but results matter, and Ford was in the Top 30 authors in Contemporary Romance when I looked, which is pretty rarefied air. If you write, or aspire to write, short romance, then you could certainly do worse than following her pathway. It’s not going to work for me because I write mostly longer (though I do have some shorter stories, which is why I checked this out, to see if there were any different marketing methods recommended). But if short romance stories on a rapid release schedule are where you think your writing future might lie, definitely give this a look over. Four stars, despite the short length and niche appeal, because it’s honest and quite useful.

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