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Yes, I do accept submissions for reviews.Please read the below CAREFULLY before asking me.


Check out some of my previous reviews to see the kind of thing you’re likely to get. If I LURVE your book, you might get a gushy review like the one I wrote for Indebted. If I think it wasn’t very good but I found some redeeming features to it, you might get something like what I wrote for The Conference. And if I thought it was complete and utter tosh with no value to it whatsoever, well… it might suffer the fate of The Billionaire’s Maid.


I primarily review romance, sometimes fantasy and sci-fi, and I also enjoy a good thriller. I am currently extremely busy with writing my own books and as such do NOT have time to review your multi-book fantasy epic, so please don’t ask.


I focus usually on the following aspects of the book (for fiction books);


1. grammar, punctuation, appropriate language and spelling (if you use the term 'his throbbing billionaire moneymaker', you are literally asking me to be vicious)


2. likability of the characters (can I relate to them or do they feel like cardboard stereotypes? Do I want to tell your MC not to be an idiot and do I want to punch your love interest in the face repeatedly?)


3. believability and continuity of the plot (if your characters appear never to have heard of insurance, I don’t know what to tell you.)


4. If there is romance or erotica included, the intensity of the romance or the heat level of the smut.


5. what I call the "Bad Romance" problem, which covers abusive or controlling love interests, and also other undesirable issues in the writing such as racism, homophobia, misogyny, ableism. If I think it's an honest mistake I'll tell you that you might need a sensitivity editor to look over your work. If I think it's deliberate you might be heading for a 1 or 2* review no matter how good the rest of your work is.


6. Series continuity. If it's not Book 1 in the series, do I have to have read Book 1 to have a clue what's going on? Obviously some genres this is more important than others... in an urban fantasy trilogy, you'd EXPECT your readers to be following along. In a loosely linked set of 7 Regency romances all about the same family, maybe not so much.


I also review books on and about writing or self-publishing. Check out a couple of those reviews here and here


If your book fits in one of these categories and is 70k words or less you can complete the form below to submit your book for consideration. IF I select your book for review, I will email you to ask you to send me a copy.​


Please do not send me your book as an email attachment unless I specifically ask you to.


I will only write honest reviews, and I don’t pull any punches. My reviewer page on Amazon is called Brutally Honest Reviews and it’s a creed I live by. Do NOT ask me for a ‘nice’ review or ask me only to leave 4* or 5* reviews. That’s not fair to me or to potential future readers of your book. Don't ask unless you want HONEST feedback... and if I do come up with criticisms, please don't ask me to expand on them or give specific examples of typos etc. I'm not your unpaid editor.

When a review is placed, it will be uploaded to the following sites as well as to this blog:

Amazon US, Amazon AU, Goodreads, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest. Upvotes on Amazon US are appreciated, but not required.


Historical romance book reviews are also uploaded to my historical romance pen name website here

Thanks for submitting!


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