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  Welcome to my   Author Resources Page

Here you will find a collection of links I have gathered to author resources of all types. If at any time you find that any links are broken, please contact me to advise. Thanks and I hope you find something useful here!
DISCLAIMER: I accept no credit or responsibility for anything you may learn from following these links. I am not affiliated with any of these websites and do not receive any monetary compensation from them. As always with information found on the Internet, please verify with other sources before accepting anything as fact!

Researching Bad Stuff without getting on government watchlists

Want to research something horribly illegal, like the price of an AK-47 on the black market or how much a gram of heroin should cost on the streets of Miami, but you're scared of the Feds knocking on your door?


Havocscope is the website for you to do these things. Their blurb says: 


"Havocscope provides information and threat intelligence on the global black market. Due to the ability of transnational threats to cause financial losses and social harms, key statistics and data about the illegal economy is provided to help mitigate this risk. The information about the black market has been collected from government agencies, academic studies, media reports, and reported data from our sources."

Click the arrow button to go to Havocscope now!
Useful Programs, Apps and Websites
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Apps at the top are ones I use personally and recommend; if they have a link underneath the button  I have written a review.

Social media, mailservers etc.
Research Resources
Author Resources
Aggregators, Printers and Distributors (please check for your local site)
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