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Sunfish Island Resort is a fictional holiday resort on an island on Queensland's magnificent Great Barrier Reef. The Island Escapes series will focus on the staff and permanent residents of the island in their quest to each find their Happily Ever After!

Finding Cory

Olivia wants a new start far away from New York and the ex who cost her everything she once thought important. She's not looking for love on Sunfish Island, but Cory, the resort's activities manager, is the kind of guy any woman would be crazy to turn down...

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The Reluctant Billionaire

Sunfish Island Resort seems like the perfect place for Jace Hunter to recover from a serious illness... as long as nobody figures out that his family own the island.


Meeting Nessa, a psychiatrist turned bartender, Jace comes to realize that maybe the society life he's been living isn't where his future happiness lies.


The Reluctant Billionaire  is

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Her Fake Island Wedding

Lucy has spent her entire life failing to live up to her controlling mother's impossible expectations. So when the opportunity presents itself to possibly make her mother disown her once and for all, how can she resist? A fake wedding to a beach bum five years her junior is definitely a candidate for Best Prank Ever.

Except, Bryce isn't just a beach bum. She's falling head over heels. Her mother actually approves.

And maybe, just maybe, a fake wedding could lead to happily ever after.

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Slow Simmer

Suzannah Monteil knows, without false modesty, she's one of the best chefs in Australia. She's turned the resort's premier restaurant into one of the finest in the country. An incompetent pastry chef could jeopardise everything.


YouTube celebrity Carlo Gianetti is the last person Suzannah wants running her pastry kitchen, especially with a saboteur determined to ruin her reputation.


Last time she let Carlo get close, he stole her heart, after all!


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