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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: 200 Facebook groups to Promote your Kindle Book for Free

Interestingly, the Amazon title doesn’t even appear on the front cover of the book, which appears to be called Facebook Marketing (a much catchier and snappier title). Maybe that should have been my first warning that I was about to waste $3.

This book does indeed provide 200 Facebook groups for book promotion. That's the only reason I'm giving it even ONE star. I can't imagine any book that could be promoted on all of them.

Some of them are specialist groups and a fair number aren't in English, so unless you're multilingual or prepared to pay someone to translate your book (and your ad) into Spanish, French, Turkish etc., they're pretty useless to you.

I'm fairly sure that the introduction section of the book wasn't written by a native English speaker, due to the hard-to-follow grammar and choice of words. Even a brief editing by a native English speaker could have cleared the majority of the issues and greatly increased the book's readability.

Go do a search for "Kindle" "Ebook" "Book Promotion" and similar terms on Facebook groups. You'll find all the same results and be able to judge for yourself which groups are relevant to the book you wish to promote.

The one useful nugget of information (I’ll share it because it’s no secret) is “Don’t join too many groups in a day because otherwise you’ll get yourself blocked”. The book doesn’t even tell you that the limit is 20.

You can find out any useful information this book will give you by looking at the free sample pages on Kindle. Do that and don’t waste your money on this blatant cash grab.

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