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Book Review: Kindle Publishing: How To Self-Publish Books On Kindle (Kindle Publishing, Kindle, Self

Now, I don’t know about you, but seeing a title that long makes me suspicious that the author has literally stuffed it full of keywords in order to get greater visibility in search rankings.

Nonetheless, I purchased the book and gave it a go, because I’ve been looking for a good book to recommend to fellow indie authors who are just about to take the leap to self-publishing their first book.

This book? Not the one you’re looking for.

Frankly, it’s a steaming pile of crap.

I’ll sum up the book’s contents here briefly.

Research non-fiction niches on Kindle where there isn’t much competition for rankings. Pay content writers on Elance $50 or so to write a couple thousand words of original content on the subject you select for you. Don’t worry too much about how good their English is (Mr Valmont certainly hasn’t). Market the hell out of the book and hope to pay more than the $50 you outlaid to the Elance writer.

The end.

If you’re an original content creator, fiction or non-fiction, looking for some advice on how to actually publish on Kindle, this isn’t for you, despite the title.

One star, only because I can’t give it none.

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