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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Steamy Christmas anthology; 13 stories for just 99 cents until New Year!

I'm so proud to be part of the Stocking Stuffers anthology. It started back in October when Leah Pink said that she'd been seeing Christmas decorations up in the stores and it was making her want to write smutty Christmas stories. I suggested that we should all get together and contribute a short story for an anthology, and thus Seasonal Shenanigans was born. We're planning on several anthologies this year, the next one for Valentine's Day, so watch this space!

Right now, though, you can grab Stocking Stuffers for just 99 cents on Amazon, or $11.99 for the paperback if that's your jam! The 99 cent price expires at New Year though so get in quick!

You can see here what reviewers are saying about Stocking Stuffers:

"Need some stories to warm you up this holiday season? This bundle is for you! 13 Christmas shorts will sure to get you in a naughty mood." 5 stars

"This anthology decked my halls in all those new, old-fashioned ways, and I'm not talking about decorating...No, my friends. I'm talking about the kind of book you don't bring home to Momma. The kind of book you pull out from under your pillow while you're enjoying the obligatory candy-cane after a long day of holiday shopping. Filled with enough sexy twists and naughty turns to keep you hooked, each story that's been included in this anthology leaves you flushed, jolly, and overflowing with holiday spirit. From sexy elves (I mean, really, I could end the review here - if sexy elves don't do it for you, I don't know what will) to delectable gym rats, there might actually be a little (or a lot) for everyone. Long story short, these stories are a blast! Break out the yuletide cheer and enjoy some Seasonal Shenanigans!" 5 stars

"A well-done anthology of smutty Christmas stories. As with all anthologies, I liked some of the stories more than others - my personal favorites were The Best-Laid Christmas Party Plans, Those Good Old Christmas Days, Staying Warm, A New Tradition, and Midnight in New Orleans. A great read if you're looking for something fun and sexy for the holidays." 5 stars

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