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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: Dark Angel by Amanda Jones

Don't be put off by the amateurish cover. This is a darn good story. It has its issues - the editing is almost as amateurish as the cover - but I enjoyed it anyway, and so will you if you give it a try.

Luc is Lucifer Morningstar, one of the original fallen angels. But in this tale, there are many of shades of grey in between good and evil, and although there are a lot of stains on his soul from the deeds he's been forced to do for his satanic master, Luc's still an angel where it counts. Ordered to bring Katia to the palace of Satan, Luc rebels when he discovers that Katia is an innocent, not one of those who has bargained away their soul for fame or fortune.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVED the mental image of Satan as a teenage boy listening to Mmmbop, and later Backstreet's Back. I had to put the book down at that because I was laughing so hard.

It's a good story with some really intriguing worldbuilding, but the editing leaves a bit to be desired and the author managed to hit on one of my pet peeves when a character got 'drug' across the ground. THE PAST TENSE OF DRAG IS DRAGGED. A DRUG is what I want when I have to read about some poor character getting DRUG somewhere. ARGH.

I enjoyed this book, but I can't give it five stars. I'll give it four, and I'll encourage the author to get a more professional cover designer and editor. As a series, this has a lot of potential.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley.

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