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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: Don't Let Him Go by Kay Harris

Don’t Let Him Go is a charming contemporary romance featuring an interracial couple; Jack Morrison is the epitome of the rich white trust-fund kid… right up until he realizes that his family’s corporation is ruining lives when they buy up old rent-controlled buildings and evict existing tenants in order to turn the buildings into high-priced luxury homes. After five years ‘finding himself’ he comes back and starts a non-profit dedicated to fighting the battles those tenants can’t afford for themselves. Of course, this puts him on a collision course with his family’s corporation.

Candace Gleason has come from the exact opposite background – the biracial daughter of two lifelong activists, she dreams of stability, security and making a name for herself as a corporate attorney to be respected. The only problem is that her first job working for Morrisons’ corporate law department is an assignment to babysit the black sheep of the family and try to keep him out of jail for his activist actions.

I thought Jack and Candace were a fantastic couple. The sparks of attraction were obvious between them from their very first meeting and Candace’s internal wrestling with herself over her ethical obligations and the desires of her heart were moving and very believable. Jack irritated me at first, especially with his refusal to call Candace by her preferred name which seemed disrespectful, but the story of how he came to realize where his life’s truth calling lay was moving and I felt I understood him a lot better by the end of the story. The pair of them really did belong together and I felt that they would make a great team fighting for the poor and dispossessed.

There were a few editing issues in the book, but certainly nothing that spoiled my enjoyment of the story. I absolutely love the cover of this book; the couple on it look just like I imagined Jack and Candace. I’m rating it a solid four stars and I’d enjoy reading more works by the author.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review through Reader’s Favorite.

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