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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Non-Fiction Book Review: Rapid Release: How to Write & Publish Fast For Profit by Jewel Allen

The most interesting thing in this book is the case studies the author has included from around a dozen authors writing mostly in the same genre (clean contemporary romance). Realistically, there’s no ‘how to’ about writing and publishing fast for profit - if you can put out a book a month or quicker, with decent covers, written to market in a popular genre, you’ll make a profit. How much you make is going to depend on your marketing strategy, and this is where Allen explains hers, which basically breaks down to newsletter swaps and cross-promotion, relying on organic growth rather than spending money on advertising.

This strategy can easily get you into the four figures a month level. There are various ways to do it, including stockpiling books before release, writing shorter and releasing more frequently, and just churning out the wordcount, but it is absolutely reliant on getting a minimum of 3 books to market in a 3 month period. After the initial sales drop off? Time to write more books.

It’s a strategy which risks author burnout unless you’re prepared to use ghostwriters, but there are plenty of authors who are making a living wage doing it. I’m not sure it’ll be something I ever do - except possibly banking a few books to maybe release a trilogy all at once - but as I said, the case studies are interesting. Four stars; there’s no real new information here you can’t pick up in, say, the 20 Books to 50k Facebook group.

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