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  • Caitlyn Lynch

Book Review: Dead In Dublin by Catie Murphy

After twenty years in the US Army as a driver and a combat medic, Megan Malone is settling into the quiet life as a driver for a luxury car service in Dublin, Ireland. When a client unexpectedly drops dead just outside her car, her own empathy for the deceased’s husband means she can’t just walk away, and she’s drawn into the police investigation by insatiable curiosity.

Dublin’s a fascinating setting for a cozy mystery series, with its old-world architecture and atmosphere combined with the cosmopolitan realities of life in a capital city. Megan has a wonderful network of friends, a delightfully diverse one with Niamh the leading actress who’s black and still proudly Irish, Fionnula the chef, Brian the small publisher and Orla, Megan’s nightmare of a boss. Some animal colour is added with the stray Jack Russell and two newborn puppies Megan ends up taking in ‘just until a rescue can take them’ which, somehow, I can see evolving into a much longer-term relationship than Megan currently anticipates. There’s maaaybe just the hint of romantic interest between Megan and a detective, even though she tries to set him up with Niamh at one point, I think I detected a few sparks and I’d really like to see how that plays out.

One murder turns into two and Megan develops an impending sense of urgency when her client is arrested for a murder she’s pretty sure he didn’t commit. She’s tenacious and refuses to give in, which leads her eventually into danger when someone decides she’s too close to the truth. I didn’t see the eventual solution coming at all, but it absolutely made logical sense considering everything Megan learns throughout the book.

I really enjoyed this first in a new series. Dublin makes a really nice change of pace from the mostly-American set cozy mysteries I’ve read to date, and Megan’s a really interesting heroine. There’s obviously a lot more backstory to be revealed about her; we learn just enough about her here to want to know more. I’ll definitely be looking out for the next in the series! Five stars for a great addition to the genre.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley.

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