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Book Review: Once Upon A Royal Summer by Teri Wilson

Lacey Pope spends her days playing make-believe, as resident princess at a major Florida theme park. When a real prince brings his daughter to visit the park as a birthday gift, Lacey is roped into being their VIP tour guide, and love starts to blossom between Lacey and Prince Henry.

This is SUPER sweet. Like candyfloss tooth rotting stuff… but there are a few deeper messages hidden beneath all the glitter. Like kindness and integrity being the kind of character traits which mark true nobility of character, no matter what kind of family you happen to have been born into.

It’s VERY Hallmark, by which I mean it’s so squeaky clean that the first time the romantic couple kiss is at the very end of the book, AFTER the marriage proposal, which… honestly feels pretty unrealistic in today’s world. Who proposes, claiming to be in love with someone, having never even kissed them? In a fairy-tale romance, that felt like the most contrived part. However, if you’re looking for a super-clean romance to give to a tween or young teen who’s interested in reading romance, for example, this would probably be right up their street.

I read an ARC which had a few odd errors, like the character Madeline’s name randomly changing to Madison a few times, but I’ll give the publisher the benefit of the doubt and assume these will be corrected by the time of publication. Four stars for a very sweet, fairytale royal romance.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley.

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