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Book Review: The Devil You Know by Kit Rocha

Definitely don’t start this series here: if you haven’t read it already, go back and read Deal With The Devil first, because if you try to dive in here you’re going to be pretty confused about who’s who and what’s going on. There’s a good-sized core cast and the authors don’t really re-introduce them, instead diving pretty much straight into the action.

This book focuses on Maya, the savant trained to be a walking memory bank, and Grey, the sniper. We got to learn some more about Maya’s background, but I did finish the book thinking that Grey was still something of a cipher; he was still just a ‘team player’ and I wanted more of him as an individual.

The world-building in this series is truly excellent, and while it’s a dystopian future, what I’m enjoying about the series is that each book builds more hope that things are going to change. The crew get to take down a Big Bad here, though a post-epilogue stinger hints that the Big Bad may have actually been replaced by something worse, which will be fascinating in the next book - presumably Rafe and Dani’s story.

I do feel like this one focussed a bit too much on the action and not quite enough on the romance. I do love the whole world and the overarching plot as the crew try to take down TechCorp, but I wanted more of those squishy feelings, especially Grey’s. I’m still thoroughly invested in the plot and I’m keen to keep reading - I think we might have got some hints that Ava will be getting a story after Dani’s, which would be awesome, because Ava is absolutely my favourite character in this series so far. I’ll give this four stars.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley.

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